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Welcome on Cataline Wolf Kennel website!

Our goal is breeding qualitative and healthy White Swiss Sheperds, who are proudly representing on themselves the breed’s characteristics, noble traits.

The White Swiss Sheperd’s creation is almost the same as the German Sheperd Dogs’. At the beginnings there were the today known colours and the white, too.The European, American and Canadian breeders’ hard work resulted the unique white bloodline. In 1991 the breed was recognized as American-Canadian White Shepherd. Finally Switzerland registered the breed at FCI for international recognition, and they gave the breed’s name in french Berger Blanc Suisse, also known as White Swiss Shepherd. The breed was finally recognized by FCI in 2011.

The White Swiss Shepherd is harmonical, it’s apperance is pleasant. It’s energetic, lively, highly intelligent, but above all it’s infinitely loyal and devoted companion of it’s owner.

Welcome on Cataline Wolf Kennel website!

Katalin Farkas

Owner of the Cataline Wolf Kennel.

”I love dogs since my early childhood, as loyalty, devotion and love are characteristics only of dog. …I felt that I have to deel with dogs and I would like to achieve more in this area.”

Why Choose Us?

We are helpful

After you have bought a Cataline Wolf puppy, I will help you, you can count on my advice and experience.

We strive for the best in everything

Whether it is about the genetic background of the puppies or evenhygiene, feeding or socialization, we strive to do the best.

We are reliable

We breed only dogs with medical tests and who have good results.

Because we love dogs from our heart

Our aim is to provide all our dogs with lovely families and help them reach excellent results in all fields.