About Us

My name is Katalin Farkas and I am the owner of Cataline Wolf kennel. I love dogs since my early childhood, as loyalty, devotion and love are characteristics only of dog.

My first dog was a German Shepherd, Ceasar, whom I cherish still today as a pet and a family member. However I felt that I have to deel with dogs and I would like to achieve more in this area. As I do not agree with the breed standard of German Shepherd it was obvious that I will choose White Swiss Shepherd dog, as I was always fascinated by this beautiful species which I could wonder about only shows. Afte many years of waiting I got my first great dog, the Bounty of Chocolate Ice, who arrived to me in November 2015.

Since then she has proven me that I choose the best species. She is very clever, attentive, energetic, her show results were above my expectations. Above all, her devotion to me is outrageous. My aim for the future is to breed quality and healthy dogs who are proud to represent the characteristics of this species and who are suitable as family dogs or show dogs. If you hav eany questions about the species, work, about our following plans or you would like a puppy, just do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to respond you!